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Juno League


A stream of thoughts about synths and embracing the things you love

Juno League is a risoprinted zine exploring thoughts and ideas surrounding synthesizers in a naive and informal way, creating a visual story that relates to the personal experience I formed when exploring the world of synths. Intertwined within texts about the subject are visualizations trying to illustrate the general feel of the sounds found in synthesizers, tying everything together to create an atmosphere fitting for these WONDERFUL instruments :--)

Ravetapes Records

Visual identity

Creating a unifying aesthetic for the post-punk of today

Ravetapes Records is a fictional record label specializing in music within the genres of post-punk and new wave, but also music that could be classified as disrupting when it comes to sound, attitude or what it means to be an artist. As the spirit of disruption was an important and driving force behind the movement of post-punk in its conception, it became a central element for the concept behind the identity of Ravetapes.

The goal of the project was to create a unifying aesthetic for the post-punk of today in the form of an identity, as there is no longer a label in the genre that have the same apporach to visuals and design like Factory Records (Joy Division, New Order) had in their heydays of the 80s. Although there is a lot of post-punk being created today that borrows heavily from the pioneers of the genre, there is a lot of interesting things happening in the cross section between the different types of music that may not confine to the preconeptions of post-punk, but is very true to the spirit of the movement. As this new sound emerges it needs a visual language to represent it, and the goal of Ravetapes and this project was to take charge and create an identity that could represent the new blood while still paying respects to origins of the genre.

Nominated for a Visuelt award in 2018!



Visualizing sound through interactivity

Created as an exercise dedicated to the exploration of the connections between visualization, interactivity and sound on the web, Synthwaves works as an online synthesizer generating visuals based on the users input. The idea was to create some sort of virtual keyboard where each key is assigned a different synthesizer, that can either work by themselves or together in harmony to create a beautiful mess of synths. This is seen through the soundwaves next to the keys and the circle in the middle, encompassing all of the sounds played to generate a visual representation of the sounds currently being played.

Check out the whole thing for yourself by visiting For some reason it only works in Safari, and it may require a few refreshes to work properly.

Created with a lot of coding related help from the one and only Nicolay Wesseltoft!



Exploring the role of cults in our culture and society

Batshit crazy. That is normally what people think when they hear about cults, and in most cases they are right. From mass suicide to alien reincarnations of Jesus, real life cults can surpass most fantasy and sci-fi stories when it comes to their beliefs. But even though the coverage of cults in mainstream media often is a negative one, there is a reason why cults attract individuals from all walks of life and people still continue to join them.

This magazine aims to explore and get an understanding of how cults relate to our culture and society, both on a grander scale but also on a more personal level. The goal is to present different sides of this theme, from ex-cult members own experiences, to outsiders looking in at the often strange lifestyles found inside the cults of our world. A part of exploring these themes is to have a neutral stand on the matter, and by presenting different views and opinions surrounding cults, the goal is to get a better understanding of these themes.

The magazine aims to take visual cues and inspiration from the strange nature of cults, seen in things like the uneven justification of text and the choice of typography: the sharp and unexpected corners of Stanley, to the purely straight lined GT Cinetype. Another goal was to create a coherent style throughout the magazine that could also easily adapt to the all the different chapters and the content they presented, creating a change of pace while still keeping with the spirit of the publication.

Artwork Generator


Generative album artwork through Processing

A fun little project in creative coding during my second term at Westerdals. Made with Processing, the application generates album artworks randomly, with different artists, titles and colors every time it's refreshed. You can then change the shape by dragging the three-dimensional cubes in any way you like, and by scrolling the shape will either expand or decrease. The generator also has the possibility of saving an image whenever you like, so you can see some shots I have taken myself during my time with the generator to the right.

Check out a wonky web version (without the randomly generated artists and titles, and works best in Chrome) for yourself over at

Created with a little coding help from Nicolay Wesseltoft!

Blank Poster


Weekly posters based on a randomly generated word

Blank Poster selects a randomly generated word every week and encourages people to make posters based on this word. This makes for a nice little break from other stuff, as it gives you the ability to exercise creativity without any restrictions, making room for trying out new things. I regularly (when I have time or feel like it) create new posters and post them on my Instagram, so give me a follow if you want to see some more!

Currently on my way to complete a BA in graphic design at Westerdals Oslo ACT. Aside from my love for typography, visual identites and writing things about myself, I am proficient within most fields of graphic design. Approaching everything with a passion for the trade, my goal is to always create something beautiful or visually interesting.

2015 — 2018: BA in Graphic Design, Westerdals Oslo ACT

Fall 2017: Internship, Neue Design Studio

If you want to get in touch, just send me a mail and I will respond as soon as possible!

Website created with a lot of coding related help from Nicolay Wesseltoft. Also, why not visit a random friend of mine?

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